Skipping content in Rise

Hello - 

I am attempting to develop a compliance course in Rise (and I'm SUPER excited about the capabilities, particularly for deployment on iphones via our LMS) but I've noticed I can complete the course even if I skip content, such as tabs and accordion interactions (I can just scroll right past them, and to the casual user they might not realize they are skipping content unless they look closely). Is there a way to lock the user from scrolling past this content?

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Leigh S

I should add that since this is a compliance course my stakeholders (i.e. Legal) are pretty particular about skipping content, otherwise I'd consider this an ideal solution (with over 7k learners on ipads/iphones only, I've spent the better part of a year searching for a rapid dev tool, but unfortunately I can't use Rise if content can be skipped). 

Adam Schwartz

Hey Leigh - thanks so much for your wonderful compliments about Rise. We're super excited that you're super excited. 

Right now we don't force a user to click though all the items in a tabs or accordion interaction. We'll put it on the board to consider it for a future release. 

In the meantime, perhaps you could just not use those block types? Or, be sure to insert paragraph blocks before your multi-step interactions so the user knows to click through all the steps. 

And for multi-step interactions where you need every item counted, I would try Labeled Graphic, Process and Sorting. 


Mark Aiston

Leigh. mark Aiston here in Adelaide. I am also building a compliance course. You may be a good person for me to ask this question. Are you voicing the text based slides on your course. Or are you happy and confident the user will read the text or go through the multi choice slide and simply read it ..

Mark Aiston.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

Just wanted to make sure you saw the latest announcement about our new "Continue block" as it would help with a lot of the scenarios described here where users were skipping content. Take a look at the announcement and video from Adam here and let us know if you need anything else!