SL Try Me interaction in Rise course - issue with tabbing in preview


I have a SL Try me interaction (SL block) in my Rise course. The user is required to enter text or select items in fields and Tab between the fields. This was working fine when previewing in SL, but since bringing into Rise and previewing, the tabbing is working correctly. It seems to tab around the screen/window, not within the interaction. Any help/advice is appreciated.


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Matthew Bibby

That is to be expected Wendy. The tab key is used to navigate web browsers and forcing it to only work inside the SL interaction would break the accessibility and usability of the rest of the course. 

Edit: Sorry, just reread your message, are you saying that you can't get the tab key to focus on the SL block at all?

Matthew Bibby

Right, thanks for the clarification. From my understanding, this shouldn't happen. In an ideal world, you should be able to tab through the content of the Rise course, to the Storyline block, through the fields in the Storyline block, then tab back to the content in Rise.

Being able to navigate using the keyboard is a basic part of accessibility.

One challenge with embedded objects like Storyline blocks is that the keyboard focus can become trapped (i.e. you can tab into it but can't get out again). Another challenge is that you cannot tab into the object at all, but rather need to click on it with a mouse before you can tab around inside of it. I've heard previously that things like keyboard traps aren't an issue anymore, but I haven't tested this myself.

Rise supports WCAG Level AA, so I think it's reasonable to assume that this stuff will just work. Or that if it requires some configuration, that there would be a tutorial somewhere showing how to do that. Maybe someone from Articulate can confirm?

Wendy Thomson

I tabbed from the Date field and it took me to the block under the this SL block interaction. Using shift tab brought me back to the Hours field which is where I want to be. Obviously we can't have the learner having to tab then shift tab to get to the fields they need to, too confusing and doesn't reflect real life.

Any advice from Articulate staff on how to get round this please?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Wendy! Here's how tabbing should work with Storyline blocks in Rise 360:

  • Use Tab and Shift+Tab to navigate to the Storyline block from anywhere else in the Rise 360 lesson.
  • Use Tab and Shift+Tab to navigate within the Storyline block. A yellow box will appear around the selected object as you move through the content.
  • While inside the Storyline block, press Enter or the spacebar to activate buttons and links, select answer choices, and interact with media.

If you suspect something isn't working quite right, we'd be happy to test your course from our side. Simply send us the course Share link by opening a case here, and we'll take a look. 

Wendy Thomson

Thanks Alyssa. Because this 'try me' is a form for the learner to complete, we want it to reflect what they'll do in the workplace. Using shift tab and other keys through it won't reflect real life. I've kept the videos for 'show me', and have decided to use other interactions rather than the 'try me' scenario.