Some display problem on Ardroid phone for Articulate Rise for Sorting activity and Storyline Block

Dec 09, 2017

First of all, I would like to say I'm excited to see this adding of storyline block to Rise. It adds on more flexibility onto Rise. Thank you so much for the hard work done to make the platform a wonderful tool to use.

I do encounter some issues and would like to seek for some advice.
Issue 1 (Sorting):

I created a Sorting activity. It display fine on desktop mode but on Phone mode, the words are truncated. Is there a way to show the text fully?

Issue 2(Storyline block)

I'm exploring on storyline Blocks on Rise. It work fine on preview for Desktop mode but appears as a static play button. Is there any chance to have it work similarly as the desktop mode? 

Issue 3 (Storyline block)
I've tried viewing the storyline block using android phone since the preview mode doesn't show the interaction. It work when i press the play button. When I create 2 storyline blocks, it starts having problem. When I press on the play on the 1st storyline block, it shows another play button and when I pressed this 2nd play button, it runs my 2nd storyline block. After this, i need to navigate back to my 1st storyline block to run it.

Hope to receive advice on this. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi Chris! Thanks for the screenshots and the link to test. We weren't able to reproduce the third line cutting off until we zoomed in on an iPhone browser.

Do you know if your testers had their browser zoom settings enabled? Also, do you know which model of phone is shown in the screenshots? I want to be sure we cover our bases here.


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