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Katherine Piatti

I have found that the size of my original image does make a difference to how large the zoomed in image is. If my image is small, when I zoom in, it doesn't get much bigger. Whereas if my image is large, when I zoom in, it gets significantly bigger. But I would also like to know definitively how this works.

Karl Muller

OK, that helps to narrow things down. As stated in the original post, zooming does seem to be related to the original size of the uploaded image. 

Based on my observations, Rise has a predefined area on a process step page that is used to display images.

If the original image is larger than the image display area, the image will be resized dynamically to fit within the predefined boundaries. When zooming in, Rise will display the original larger image. 

Whereas if the image you upload is smaller than the predefined image display area, it will stay at the same size when "zoomed in".

There are other block types that work in the same way, e.g. the Image & Text block.