Source File Packaging for Rise

Has there been any movement on being able to package a source file for Rise? 

I realize my client's wouldn't be able to edit it without a 360 subscription, which is fine, but they should still be able to store the source file so that it can be edited at a future date. 

It's unrealistic to expect myself or the client to indefinitely maintain a 360 subscription just to maintain access to the files. For example, I have had clients update an eLearning module 5 years after it was first published. I can't guarantee that I will maintain my subscription all this time, but wouldn't want the client to lose their source files, when they would have no need for a subscription otherwise. 

I see in the threads that this feature has been in high demand for over 3 years, but I don't see it listed yet on the product roadmap. Can you share what progress has been made on this request?

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