Start Quiz link invisible in Rise

Hi - 

A client has an issue with a Rise course - they can't start the quiz. Turns out the Start Quiz link is white and can't be seen. It's blue when I publish and upload to my LMS, but when I preview in Rise it is white. I don't see any way to change the formatting for the Start Quiz link. Any ideas?

Here's how it looks on my LMS:

How it looks on my LMS

Here's how it looks in preview (and client's LMS):

Client LMS view

If you select text, you can see it's there:

selected text



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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Steve, thanks for sharing this odd behavior with us! I can't say I've seen this happen before, so I'd love to get some more detail from you. Can you help me with a few more questions? 

  • What web browser were you using when you noticed this problem?
  • Can you see the Start Quiz link when you view the course Share link?