Storyline 360 Drag & Drop into Rise 360

I have built a definitions drag and drop interactivity into Storyline 360 and have uploaded it into Rise 360. Everything looks great, except there's no way to submit the interaction. I know I am missing a step (or 2) and I can't figure out what I need to do to make it so the learner can submit the interaction and get feedback in Rise. Wasn't sure if I should attach the Storyline file or the Rise link, so let me know if you need either one.

Thank you!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Molly! The drag-and-drop interaction will be evaluated in the Storyline 360 file rather than in the Rise 360 lesson. Let me get some details so we can get you closer to where you need to be:

  • Are you using a freeform question slide in Storyline 360 as the drag-and-drop interaction?
  • Do you have feedback enabled whether the learner gets the interaction correct or not?
  • Do you need to send the results of this interaction to a learning management system?
Molly Somerville

Hi Crystal,

I am using the freeform drag & drop question slide in Storyline 360. I have feedback enabled whether the learner gets it correct or incorrect. I do not need the results to be sent to an LMS. It is a knowledge check so I just want the learner to be able to see if they got it correct or not. Is there a way to make that happen in Rise?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Molly!

Thanks for that context. The feedback should display within the Storyline block. When the learner completes the activity and clicks the Storyline Submit button, what happens next? Do they see correct or incorrect feedback inside the Storyline block?

If you don't mind sending us your Rise 360 course Share link, we can get a clear picture of what's happening. You can send it to us here in the discussion, or you can send it privately here. 

Molly Somerville

The feedback does display as correct or incorrect in Storyline when you click the submit button. Below is the Rise link and attached is the Storyline file. So when I import it into Rise, the interaction won't be the same? You can drag and drop the boxes, but can't submit anything. And I can't use the built in Drag & Drop function in Rise because my content is too long.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for that info, Molly. You should see everything in the Rise lesson that you see when you preview your Storyline course.

I see in your course that the Submit icon (checkmark) isn't showing for the Storyline block. When I add your Storyline interaction to my Rise 360 course, I see the checkmark.

Here are the settings I used in Storyline 360:

  • Slide Properties: Submit button enabled
  • Player Properties: Modern Player, Menus & Controls on, Light theme, White accent color
  • Publish: entire project

Let me know if those properties match what you have on your end. If so, try republishing for Review 360, and add that block again.