Storyline 360 vs Rise

Nov 09, 2016

I’m familiar with Storyline and Studio, but what is Rise? When would you use Rise rather than Storyline 360 or Studio 360?

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Steve Flowers

Different style of packaging and output. Storyline is largely constrained to a slide-based layout. When you want something that's more like an interactive article with media, that you also want to fit to whatever screen you'd like to target, then you might prefer Rise over Storyline. 

It's limited. But sometimes that's all that you need.

Trina Rimmer

Hi Michael. Great question!

Rise is an amazing new web-based authoring app that is part of Articulate 360. Rise makes it incredibly easy to create inherently responsive courses that are simply gorgeous.

Personally, I think Rise is a great way to enhance your training team’s agility and empower SMEs to create lightweight e-learning, fast. In fact, it’s so simple to use you don’t have to train SMEs on it. They can hit the ground running and they’ll be astounded by how beautifully pro their courses look. It truly takes just minutes to build a Rise course. Just check out this sample.

The best way to learn about Rise is to play around with it. Sign up for a free trial of Articulate 360 to check it out!

Steve Heinen

I am in the new 360 and lots of cool new stuff.  Admittedly I have shifted a lot of my content to ISping because of the adaptive issue. I have had a lot of compatibility issues with Storyline in the past so mostly use Presenter and Ispring.  Having said all that I think Rise could be a game changer.  It a simple authorware and since I do compliance training  with SME's the prebuilt storyboards are awesome and will help me rapidly deploy content.   I have some testing to do inside our LMS but if all goes well  this product is worth the price of a subscription. 

Rachel Craig

Will there be a way to edit colors or fonts for Rise in the future? That orange is so bright!

Also, I wasn't able to edit anything in Rise while on Internet Explorer. As my company uses Internet Explorer internally, and will do so for the foreseeable future, I would like to know more about browser support, please.



Doug Nelson

Loved the Rise demo, and it may address a problem I was looking to solve a different way until the announcement - a light, web-based course that needs to work on desktops and phones. Two questions so far:

- I created a great interaction (in Storyline, of course) and it's hosted on an external website. Is there a way to embed that into a Rise project, in an I-Frame, so that it plays inline? When I choose Embed > Multimedia and add the URL, Rise inserts a link out to that site. Adding the URL inside an I-Frame doesn't seem to change that behavior.

Embed code result 

- Is there a way to embed xAPI / Tin Can calls via Javascript within the authoring tool ("when the user selects this check box, send this statement to the LRS")? If not, am I correct that the code would need to be added manually, in the HTML output?

Thanks! Looking forward to exploring more. 


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