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Richard Pinsk

Will there be dedicated free apps that play the content, such as the AMP app?  Or is this strictly browser based?  Also, SCORM launches don't work well on mobile in our LMS, what alternative methods can be used to track learner progress?  Will Articulate ever consider their own analytics cloud that syncs into LMS's via API calls or LTI?

Adam Schwartz

Hey Richard - Rise playback is in the browser. No extra apps required. I would send the Rise SCORM output to your LMS vendor and ask them to support it if they don't already. It's very compliant HTML and doesn't require any plugins. If your LMS can't run it, not sure what they *can* run. We'll consider your suggestion, thanks!

Trina Rimmer

Hi Garry. Storyline 360 outputs content to a responsive player but the content itself maintains its aspect ratio. Since the relative position of content on a slide matters (for example, if you build a slide with a person pointing at a map, you don't want the map repositioned above the person's head when the slide is viewed on a phone), the responsive player adapts to the learner's screen size and orientation, but the content itself does not change position.

If you’re looking to develop inherently responsive content, Rise will be perfect for you.

Trina Rimmer

Hi Will. If you're looking for some courses to test on your desktop and devices, we've got a few options for you. First, when you sign up for the free trial of Articulate 360, you'll see this responsive Rise sample course waiting for you. This is a nice way to see, right away, how Rise courses behave on your desktop, phone, and tablet devices.

I've also been sharing this sample course created in Storyline 2, that I've recently updated and republished with Storyline 360. I think this project nicely illustrates how the responsive player works. I found it helpful to view this on my phone or with a tablet and then to compare it to the desktop version.

And if you're looking for some Articulate 360 projects you can download, reverse engineer, and experiment with on your own, definitely check out our Downloads hub for some nice freebies.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicola, 

Currently the blocks are within the Rise course and don't have a set up to export and display independent of that. I am not certain where this type of feature would stand on our product roadmap, but you're welcome to share your thoughts with our team here as well. 

Thanks for giving Rise a test and keep the feedback coming!