Storyline 360 vs Rise

Nov 09, 2016

I’m familiar with Storyline and Studio, but what is Rise? When would you use Rise rather than Storyline 360 or Studio 360?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jim,

Are you looking to control the dimensions of the video or are you having difficulty with the output size of your Rise file? For the latter Rise will work to optimize the video as a part of the publish process to ensure the best possible playback. As far as controlling the dimensions, there isn't a setting to change that, and it'll be based on the original dimensions of the video you've inserted. If you're running into difficulty with something in particular it's also always helpful to let our team take a look and you can share a link to a course here or reach out privately here.  If there is an additional feature you'd like to see - we're also really interested in hearing about those! Since Rise is brand new for us, we're really looking to find out more about how and why you'll be using that and what types of things you'd like to see. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jim,

It looks like Brian also got you over here. 

Brian Allen

My guess is no, the video size is most likely dictated by tool for purposes of keeping the content responsive.

My guess is also that I'll have the best experience uploading 720 or 1080p video and letting Rise handle resizing for different screens.

mike mcdonald

Ha Efrat! Yes, I'm only on the demo package still, but sure will sign up. Yes, I work with MNC's and understand, used to be in one myself with 180,000 people. Takes forever to get stuff done!

In a way, that's where I can see it's value. I've been doing them in an agile way! In of them was on actually on IT security.......a heads-up on the project, why it's good to do it, what an ISMS is for etc!

Vedant satish

Hi !  I would like to know few details about Articulate Rise...

1.I would like to know the process regarding how to import the output file into Articulate Live.

2. Can i create a quiz, with multiple user id and passwords using Articulate Rise for different users.

Please revert back to me at ASAP.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vedant,

1. Articulate Live is online training led by some of our experts and you can read more about it here.  It is not somewhere to host your course content. You can export Rise for an LMS or web site and upload to those environments. You may want to take a look at the information here in regards to using in your LMS environments. 

2. The usernames and passwords for accessing the courses are controlled by your LMS. If you are using the "Share" link within Articulate Review and Rise to send the course to others prior to exporting you can set one password for anyone who you send the link too. 

Can you share a bit more about what you're looking for as a Score Board? The Rise course will have a results section at the end of a quiz if you've included that, but there isn't a way within Rise to combine the results of a number of individual users. It may be something that you could look to your LMS team for assistance with. 

Hope that helps clarify and feel free to let us know if you have any other questions! 

saeyoung chang-gagnon Ed.D.

I am a first time Storyline 360 user. Just found out about RISE and I think it is awesome. However, still can't figure out why I should use RISE vs. Storyline. I am currently working on an online training program for my job and we will be shooting our video content. Not sure which is better to use.....

Trina Rimmer

Hi Saeyoung. Glad to hear that you're enjoying Rise. (We think it's pretty awesome, too!). Rise is great when you want to quickly create a fully responsive course. I think the distinction is made a bit more clearly in this article "Why You Need the Tools in Articulate 360 and When to Use Them." You might also find some ideas for using Rise in this article, as well.

Bob Ossewaarde

I am a retired teacher dabbling in course editing and online mentoring so am interested in trying the 30 day trial with RISE. Due to the high subscription cost I want to be prepared to squeeze as much into the trial period as possible. I have written some courses in .doc (.odt) so could I set up lessons using Markdown (Macdown or Mou) for upload? If so, how would I prepare the text for the blocks? Specifically, for listing questions to upload to the new Flashcards.

Mark Shepherd

Hi saeyoung:

I wouldn't exactly say that Rise is "better" than Storyline

As Steve and Phil pointed out at the beginning of this comment threat, it's different.  

Rise uses different modes, methods and approaches to structuring and creating/deploying content vs. Storyline.

I find that Rise is much quicker to develop in, is more attuned to responsive development.

However, if you need to do more detailed or complex work, and need a degree of control of specifics of things happening, then Storyline (2 or 360) is clearly the more appropriate tool.

If I could take Rise content and import it into Storyline, or, more specifically, export Storyline content into a comparable Rise project (or import Storyline content into Rise), I think that would be awesome.  That was the first thing that crossed my mind when I started using Rise.

As neither of those two things are possible (yet), I am kind of working/thinking in parallel with these two platforms/tools to potentially complement each other.  

Both have their strengths: One for rapid content creation and quick-to-deploy features (Rise), and one for more detailed design, animations, and potential handling of complexity (Storyline).

Also, both tools have the unique option to be able to utilize Review, so that is certainly a nice step in the right direction.

PS: My written review and analysis of Articulate 360 (the entire platform) is nearly complete. 

Will likely release on Rise just prior to my trial expiring, and also on LinkedIn later this week. 

Whew! ;)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Nicely said Mark. Excited to see the whole review! 

Saeyoung, in terms of the issue with importing question text, Rise does not have that feature and the information you shared would be the style/format for doing a import within Storyline or Quizmaker from an Excel document. Since Rise is entirely web based and using a template form, I could see the ability to import question text being a helpful tool so I'll pass that along as a feature request. Also, you're always welcome to submit feature requests here as well. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Veronica, 

I don't see it on our current roadmap to exclude those additional activities or components from the lesson count. The ability to change built in text like "Lesson" associated with the X of XX is something on the roadmap for Q1 '17. You can also take a look at the updates we've already released for Rise on this Version history page. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bernard,

Currently there is a bulleted list as one of the Blocks - List items, but not an option to add that formatting within the tabbed interaction. I also tried copying/pasting a bulleted list into a Rise tab and that didn't carry over the bullets. 

It's certainly something worth sharing as a feature request and I'll pass that along to our team as well! 

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