Storyline Block can't be closed when maximized inside Rise 360 course

Hi everyone,

I want to see if others are experiencing the same issue with Storyline blocks within a Rise course. We've included an interactive Storyline component in courses. On iPads and iPhones, if learners maximize the Storyline interaction, the X to close the Storyline interaction and return to the Rise course is not visible. The learner is forced to close and re-open the course to continue. Again, this only occurs if the Storyline block is maximized. The Storyline block is set to open within the same window as the course. We see this behavior in both portrait and landscape modes.

Does anyone have any recommendations to have the X to close the interaction visible?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Angela!

It looks like you may have published the Storyline content using the classic player. Try switching to the modern player, and publish the content to Review 360 again. Delete the current Storyline block, then insert the updated block with the modern player. Let me know if that improves the experience on an iPad!