Storyline block - check boxes do not work in Rise


I have a slide with check boxes in a storyline block, but clicking the checkboxes doesn't work. The reason I want this to be in Storyline rather than a Rise checklist block is because I want to add hints in case learners can't remember how to do a step. I'm using markers for this.

I also want to reveal a button once all checkboxes have been ticked. Oddly, this is working, but no ticks appear in the boxes.

Any reason why the checkboxes would not be working?

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Michael Hinze

I downloaded your file. Never mind not working in Rise, the checkboxes don't work for me in Storyline Preview either. Actually, they do seem to work you just don't see the Selected state checkmark. If I add a new checkbox, this one works. It may have something to do with the the Theme you applied.

Christina Clark

Thanks, Michael! How odd, you're right. They did definitely work at one stage in SL preview as I tested whether the "Done" button would appear and it did. 

I've just rebuilt the test slide and it works fine in SL, Review and Rise. There must be a gremlin in my actual project file. I'll rebuild that slide, see if it shakes it out.

Christina Clark

Hi Katie, Yes, rebuilding the slide expunged the gremlin. I have no idea what had caused the corruption, but the project file has been a bit buggy in general. I have a large number of try it scenes which seems to be slowing it down so maybe that was it.

Everything's fine with that checkbox interaction now though so problem solved!