Storyline block doesn't show up

Hi all,

I created a RISE course with 1-2 Storyline Blocks in every chapter.

The storyline file contains all of them (e.g. fill in blank, sort, dropdown) and I exported single slides from that file to review 360.

The review of the RISE file is totally OK and when I export it (doesn't matter if Scorm or Web format) some of the storyline Blocks don't appear.

I tried to separate the storyline slides in more files (to get a smaller file size), but that doesn't work too.

Has anyone had that before?

Thanks in advance for your help.



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Natascha Matthes

Thank you very much, Astrid, you are a life saver! While we can't change the HTML for the Review publishes, we are able to change it in the SCORM files. 
The line breaks seem to be random for us, though, so we have to check the story.html files for each SL block, but at least we now know what to look for. Thank you!

Natascha Matthes

I have added the temporary workaround that has worked for us for SCORMs and in Web versions (not for Rise though, explained in the other post), in a different thread about the same topic, linked below. Maybe it helps others as well. I left 2 comments there.
Please note, this solution is at your own risk and you should know how to edit HTML files with script without deleting vital information.