Storyline block in Rise padding / background colours

Mar 22, 2018

Hi all,

I'm having a couple of issues with some Storyline blocks that I am adding to a rise course.

1) Firstly I think there is a bug around the padding of these Storyline blocks as even when the padding is set to 'no padding', there is still a generous amount of padding still there. I would say there is at least 20px on top and 40px below. This makes for some large gaps in your course when adding Storyline interactions.


2) My second gripe is that when I try to hide the rounded border on the Storyline file there are still small grey triangles that I cannot get rid of. You can see this yourself if you have a white border on a white block background. As well as if you have a very dark block background and a dark border.

Unfortunately I have tried playing with all the colour settings I cannot make these little triangles go away.


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Michael Hardin

I am having the same problem with the getting rid of the border color around a Storyline block.  I have played with my player colors, changing all the main colors to white, but it always shows a gray border.  This makes it impossible to seamlessly integrate a Storyline block into Rise.

I also noticed the padding issue around the Storyline block and would like it to be fixed.  

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I am also having this grey border issue. When publishing a Storyline file to a web format, it displays properly. However, after publishing the same Storyline file to Rise (with white as the specified background in both Storyline and Rise), it appears with a grey border.

What I would like to add is, this was not a problem until one of the November/December updates.

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