Storyline Block Occasionally Auto-playing

Dec 11, 2019

Hi all,

I'm currently running into an issue with Storyline blocks.

For context:

I am utilizing the blocks to embed videos with closed captions within the Rise course and in the design, it requires the participants to press the block/play to start the storyline block and then the video will begin playing.

The issue:

The video itself (within the Storyline course) is set to auto-play as we don't want the user to click twice to start the video; however, in user-testing, one use has had the Storyline block & the videos auto-play when going through the course. I have been unable to replicate the issue and it was "solved" by having the participant open the course in an incognito browser. 

Any suggested steps?

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Taylor M

Hi Crystal! Thank you for the links!

The issue itself was occurring in chrome and while there are around 5 or 6 Storyline blocks (all media-orientated), they are all separated across different lessons. 

While not entirely the same issue, I experienced a similar issue while going through the course the other day. While on a different lesson, the Storyline block from the previous block auto-played for a few seconds after beginning the Storyline block on the current lesson. 

I will see if the tips you included solve the issues and if not, I will follow-up! 

Thank you!

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