Storyline Block Occasionally Auto-playing

Dec 11, 2019

Hi all,

I'm currently running into an issue with Storyline blocks.

For context:

I am utilizing the blocks to embed videos with closed captions within the Rise course and in the design, it requires the participants to press the block/play to start the storyline block and then the video will begin playing.

The issue:

The video itself (within the Storyline course) is set to auto-play as we don't want the user to click twice to start the video; however, in user-testing, one use has had the Storyline block & the videos auto-play when going through the course. I have been unable to replicate the issue and it was "solved" by having the participant open the course in an incognito browser. 

Any suggested steps?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Taylor. Storyline blocks that contain media on the first slide will typically not automatically play in Chrome or mobile browsers.

Do you have multiple Storyline blocks with media in the same lesson? Have a look at these tips to prevent your Storyline blocks from automatically playing when you don't want them to.

Taylor M

Hi Crystal! Thank you for the links!

The issue itself was occurring in chrome and while there are around 5 or 6 Storyline blocks (all media-orientated), they are all separated across different lessons. 

While not entirely the same issue, I experienced a similar issue while going through the course the other day. While on a different lesson, the Storyline block from the previous block auto-played for a few seconds after beginning the Storyline block on the current lesson. 

I will see if the tips you included solve the issues and if not, I will follow-up! 

Thank you!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Taylor,

Google Chrome will remember when you have allowed media to autoplay on certain sites. It sounds like that user has allowed autoplay wherever the content is hosted, and that's why the media is playing automatically for that person. 

Keep us posted on how it goes after implementing those tips Crystal shared with you!

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