Storyline Blocks appearing really small on iPad

Aug 13, 2018


I've been playing around with Rise over the last few weeks, see how it could be used to create some courses. I included a storyline block which looked great in preview and when I exported the course. However when I tested it on a iPad and iPhone the Storyline block you have click a play button in order to activate the storyline block, but also the block itself is really small. It all works well on desktop but something doesn't appear to be right with tablet and mobile.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom,

The play button you're seeing on a mobile or tablet device is expected for a Storyline block in Rise, and you'll also see that represented during Preview. One thing to note, Storyline blocks will play in preview mobile view landscape or portrait. 

I haven't run into the issue with scrolling to additional blocks, but if you could let me know what browser you saw that in I will test it out! I tested in the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox for Mac. 

Tom Sampson


Hi Ashley, 

I've attached an image to show what i was experiencing on the iPad. it appeared that the frame was scaling but the content was. I was able to zoom in on the storyline block without affecting the rest of the course.

I noticed the scrolling issues in chrome 68.0.3440.106, I'm also using Mac. I have to say the issue seems to be very hit and miss. Its something that I've noticed more often due to me using Rise more frequently. 




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