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Jueun Lee

We have same issue. I sent a ticket.

We are embedding lots of Storyline blocks directly from Review site in Rise. It becomes nightmare when we publish on Review or SCORM or TINCAN same problems.

I have to republish all over and over to see if it works. If one block display then other blocks not displaying when exporting to Review Site or to our LMS as SCORM or TINCAN.

Gregg Morrison

I am also experiencing this and have raised a support case.  I've been given a workaround suggesting that I remove line breaks in the published course, but this doesn't work.  I was not advised that there was a fix due to be released so I'm glad I stumbled across this thread...

It does appear that this problem might be related to Classic Player, but my client doesn't like the lag between slides on Modern player (screen goes grey and 3 dots appear in the transition).

I am due to deliver these to my client in the next few days.  Do you have a timeline on the fix mentioned above please, because for me this is URGENT?