Storyline content starts playing in Rise all at once when in LMS

I created Rise content that includes several Storyline courses. When I review the Rise content in Review everything works as expected. When I load the content into our LMS (Successfactor) all of the recordings auto start and all at the same time. When in review the user must trigger the storyline course to start. This is new this week. I have updated the Rise content several times without issue but when I updated the Rise content yesterday encountered the issue. Any suggestions? Many thanks in advance.

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Catherine. Generally, Storyline blocks will automatically play on a desktop if you're using Firefox, Safari, or Edge. If you're using Chrome, you'll see a play button unless you've frequented the site enough (media engagement index) for Chrome to think you want to automatically play media on that site.

Do you have several Storyline blocks in a single lesson that include audio on the first slide? Does using a Continue block between those blocks make sense for your course design?

Catherine Cooley

Thank you so much for your feedback. Just to make sure I understand...there is no way to set up the Storyline content in Rise to not play unless triggered by the viewer? If I "wrap" my Storyline content with Continue Blocks (before and after) that will prevent the content to start playing before the fewer gets to the content...correct? Right now what happens is the content starts to play when they enter that section but there might be content that needs to be read before the Storyline content. I really appreciate your help. Thank you