storyline embedded in Rise only plays fluently in Chrome Browser


I created a Rise course with quite a few Storyline interactions embadded into the course. I created the course in the Google Chrome Browser. Now if I view the course in Mozilla Firefox(with latest Update) or Internet Explorer 11 the animations and motion paths are pretty buggy. Also audio segments would sometimes start a few seconds delayed and/or cuts of the first bit. Whereas in Google Chrome, there is no problem at all and all Storyline interactions run perfectly fine. If I view the Storyline interactions with Review 360 the same problems appear with Firefox and Internet Explorer. This problem also occurred throughout different laptop devices, so I think there is nothing wrong with my hardware. 

I already viewed the Rise Browser Support Page and all requirements listed on there are met. Does anyone know how to fix this problem or is dealing with the same difficulties? 

Many thanks for any help! 

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