Storyline in Rise - call rise "Continue" function


Hoping someone can help. 

We have a Storyline block that we are embedding in Rise. The SL block has a button which when clicked calls a custom JS function. We then need it to call the Rise "Continue" function or whatever function is called when the normal Rise "Continue" button is clicked.

So the question is - how do we call the Rise "Continue" function from an embedded SL block?

Thanks for your help!!


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Stefaniada Voichita

Hi there,

I am looking into creating a similar things. I need to create a Continue block in Storyline and then to import into the Rise module. How would I go about that. Could you share some tips with me please about how to design the Continue block in Storyline. Much appreciated. Stef

Stefaniada Voichita

Thanks for the answer. What I am trying to do is to have a SL continue block built to use in the Rise module and to replace the built-in Rise Continue block which is not fully accessible with all the colours (you only allow for white text unfortunately, and the branding colour I have to use is yellow). Stef