Storyline in Rise, on mobile

Hi, I'm in the final days of my Articulate 360 demo. I've experimented a bit integrating Storyline in Rise, but when viewing it (from link via Share) on tablet and phone the Storyline content is pretty buggy: either the content won't start (on tablet), or it responds in a wiggly manner to finger interactions (phone). The link to the file is here, maybe I'm doing something terribly wrong. 

I'm quite aware I'd need to redesign the Storyline content to make it easier to read, but the issue at the moment is simply technical and I'd need to clear that before deciding to buy. Thanks!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Simona!

The drag and drop activities you created in Storyline 360 worked well when I viewed them on a mobile device, but I had trouble navigating this interaction in the Go Deeper with Settings lesson on both mobile and desktop:

Can you tell me more about how that interaction should work? 

I would also recommend that you use the Modern Player for all Storyline blocks. Choose the white theme so that it blends seamlessly with your lesson color scheme. 

Simona  Petrescu

Hi Alyssa, many thanks for getting back to me.

Actually, all the SL blocks in that course are using a modern player (light background), except in the re-create story lesson. I tried the classic player there, in order to be able to select html+flash, after reading a few support articles here about responsiveness, and it does work much better on my mobile devices. It's stable and responds well to swiping and pinching. I find it a bit intriguing that the other SL interactions work well at your end. I tried them on android and iphone, and on an android tablet, and they are very unstable, de-centred, take several taps to respond etc.

Are there any other things that I need to be aware of, which may be the reason why at your end things are working? Mobile would be very important for my project.

The anchor above: the user needs to tap the anchor where the mouse icon is, this will open a short text box and will activate a marker with a label. 

It's all experiments, I'm learning how all this works. 

thank you so much!