Storyline Quiz used in Rise, does it register in my LMS?

I created a quiz in Storyline 360 so that my participants only have to reattempt questions they got wrong the first time they did the quiz.

My questions is, if I import this quiz into my Rise eLearn, will my LMS pick up that it is a quiz and show participant success and number of attempts etc?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Laura. Great question. Your Rise course will send information about whether your learners passed the Storyline quiz. It won't give the number of attempts or other quiz data, however.

Since you're allowing multiple attempts on your Storyline quiz, Rise will send the most recent score (until you pass) to the LMS when you're tracking the Rise course by the Storyline block.

Let me know if I can help further!

Andrew Glennie

Hi Crystal,

Can you clarify whether the interaction data is sent from a storyline block. I have seen other posts that say this is possible when the storyline block is set as the tracking component. I've been trying to get this to work but the interactions aren't being sent.


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Andrew. You can track completion of your Rise 360 course based on the Storyline block. If you choose to track your Storyline interaction by quiz, the Storyline quiz score will be sent through Rise to your LMS. Quiz data such as question and answer details, however, will not be sent.

Let me know if I can clarify anything else!

Laura James

Thanks Crystal

I may have to rethink the information I want to collect from my completed Rise 360 courses - and find out if management are really interested in how many times it takes their team to complete a Knowledge Check.

Thanks for your response.

Kind regards

Laura James