Storyline Review Updates in Rise

Jun 23, 2022

Hey all,

I would like when I update a storyline 360 course in review, that it automatically updates in it's corresponding Rise location.

The Q&A says Rise doesn't do this, but is there a workaround to make this function so I don't need to update the some storyline block in multiple locations with every update?

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TJ Barber

I understand, it is odd Rise copies it from review instead of having me load in a zip package or story file, but is there a workaround? 

For example, has anyone tested out using an imbed block that links out to a published storyline location? That way multiple instances of that block will look to the same published link?

Tom Kuhlmann
  • You need a web server to put the course.
  • Publish your storyline file for web and that will produce a zip file
  • Unzip the file and upload the contents to a folder on your server
  • when it's on the server, you can create the URL from the story.html file it may be something like
  • Once you have the URL you need the iframe code.
  • That iframe code is inserted in the embed block in Rise
  • Here's a quick tutorial
Bea Chan

Hi Tom, We are now adding our simulations to AWS and then embedding them into Rise. We've encountered one issue though, Rise is not displaying the simulations in full screen when we click the Full-screen icon. Is there anything we can do to remedy that? (the product we are demoing is rather complex and really needs an expanded display)