Students can't access the SCORM package on Bb Learn

Hello community,

I've run into a peculiar problem that my colleagues and I can't wrap our heads around. Not really sure there's any easy fix but hoping other people may have had similar issues or can vent with me a bit about how badly SCORM packages work in Bb Learn!

We run the latest version Bb Learn Original. We have had a course developed by an external consultant, so I don't (yet!) have access to the original Rise files, but hopefully will soon in the final part of the handover. 

The course uses really extensive HTML and CSS.

We had to copy over originally designed content areas to new ones, because we had to make some changes we didn't want to keep after this academic year. 

In this copy, there was SCORM packages uploaded, which "breaks" when copied so it just links to the original item, which is not helpful when the item is unavailable.

I was hoping that I could just copy over the HTML and students would still be able to access the SCORM package. The issue is that I can access HTML <a> links to the SCORM packages just fine as an instructor, but students get an infinite loading screen and then an "Access Denied" message from Learn. 

I reckon my only solution for now is to move each learning item over, so they stay as a SCORM package, but I was hoping other people had some advice? How do you usually deploy SCORM packages in Bb Learn? Do you experience similar issues? (somehow things are always less annoying if other people are annoyed by them too!)

Hope I've given a good overview, otherwise please let me know. 

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