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Hi, Don't know if anyone covered this yet but...

I thought it would be great if we could have sub sections or lessons in a course. I'm thinking that when I look to the left at my menu, I'd like to see indents with sub areas (below main). I think it would help in navigation, especially if a lesson, etc. gets a bit lengthy.

I see that another person had a similar question:


Harry Carter

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vir hortal

Hi, I was wondering about more indent levels too.

I am currently researching apps to build courses for a law client, and their courses need more indent navigation as the content extension is quite large. Courses need to be navigated with one extra indent, as it follows:  Chapter - Lesson - Page  (a chapter has multiple lessons, and each lesson has 6-12 pages).

I really like rise 360 as I think it will help end-users learn from the course contents in a more visual and attractive way. My client will benefit as well by providing courses different than those offered by competitors. My fear is that the indent navigation is mandatory  for the client, so I need to know if is possible to do so.



Karl Muller

Hi Sabrina,

What is shown in your example are called Sections.

Sections are simply text labels that can be added to the course to provide visual structure to the course.

As Sections are just labels, there is no course content associated with them.

So Sections are not the same thing as Sub-Lessons which would have content.