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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Laura, 

Did you mean to include the graphic and your settings as an upload here for us? It doesn't appear that they came through as a post to ELH - but we'd be happy to take a look. You'll want to visit this discussion and using the “ADD ATTACHMENT” button at the bottom of the forums reply window you'll be able to upload them. If you can also send us the "Share" link to your Rise course that'll be helpful to see too!  Here's a quick Peek on how to grab that link! 

Laura Giacchino

Oh sorry!  forgot the attachment.  How dumb.    

There are only a few things that I ran into that  appear to be problems in the software.. like this strange one..  

 and a few others that I need to recreate before reporting. such as a problem with the labeled graphic.  It works fine when sharing but after posting to the web, sometimes you cannot click on the buttons.   I am getting inconsistent results so far testing, so I will send more info as I figure what sequence causes it.

And then there are several other minor issues but they do impact the quality of the presentation.  I would like to share for suggested improvements.  For example: the attached  'align'.  Using the text columns over the photos, the right is left justified (good) the left is centered?  or perhaps indented?

 Would you like me to post them on this forum or send them directly?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Laura,

It looks like you've posted them here, and so I'm happy to take a look. If you ever want to share privately you can always send along to our Support engineers and they'll be happy to take a look. 

As for the subheading issues, I just wanted to make sure I was clear on the differences you were seeing. I noted here on a screen capture that the menu headings for your lessons and sub topics are showing as black and a grey (until the user is visiting a lesson, then they go black, and back to grey once they've moved on). Also the title of each lesson in comparison with your name as the author is black and grey combined. You can change the overall theme colors and the theme font as shown here, but the titles and subheadings will follow the behavior as currently shown. It's something worth sharing as a feature request with our Product team though to be able to look at changing the font colors as a whole. 

When testing the labelled graphic, I'd want to take a look at another sample on your site if that's where it's causing you difficulty. The one linked inside your Resume worked fine for me, but if you can share a direct link to where it's hosted on your site I'd be happy to test that too. You'll also want to make sure that you're viewing the content in one of the browsers here. 

For the alignment that you showed, the padding is going to adjust the top and bottom spacing between the blocks, but it doesn't adjust the side or centered alignment. All the text should be left justified in the block, and it's not dependent on the images or other blocks on top/below the existing block. 

Let me know if you need anything else! 

Laura Giacchino

Ashley, your note does not refer to the example I provided.   The issue is 2 subheadings in the same lesson, yet displaying different color background and font.  In the previous note I added a snap of the hex color so you could see it was not a miskey.   I am reattaching the screenshot with text please look at the specific example to see what I was referring to.

On the other topic, If the text is left justifying, why doesn't it align with the picture.  If we are using the same 'margin'  for all the tools, things would align better, providing a more cohesive look.  

I would be VERY helpful if I could put a comment on the first page stating which browsers that Rise will work with AND that they can hide the left side of the screen showing the course progress.  I have seen some 'square' monitors where that takes up too much of the screen and interferes with the lesson.  

There are a lot of restrictions for the developer such as the ability to change alignment  and as you see in my section where I have quoted individuals, I wanted to add some comments first, because of the forced quotes, I had to get creative to make that work.  I will add t hose as feature enhancement requests, and i think I have a handle on the situation where some of the numbers in the labelled graphic will not activate.  I will test it a bit more and send to support engineers.

Bret Jorgensen

Hi Laura, 

I jumped to specifically help with the font and hex color issue you reported. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing an issue. In my tests, I took your screenshot and cut a slice out of the top Subheading and placed it right above the bottom Subheading. (See below)

hex color and font comparison

In my view, the font and hex color of #2abcac look identical. 

My suggestion is to do something similar to what I did and let us know the results.

Laura Giacchino

I see what you mean. I get the same results!!  Here is link to a share with contact info removed this time.


I see a darker font on top the correct color in background, and the lower comment is lighter, as is the font!   Everything else looks uniform.  Maybe my laptop monitor is off, showing the bottom of the screen lighter!  I cant scroll this up to see if that is the case.  If you see the same color font and background, It must be my display.  (look in the section "AFTER THE TRAINING")

Thank you!!!!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Laura,

I took a look at this again - and I saw the same colors and I took a screenshot of that here. Do you have another monitor or screen to test it on? Even a mobile phone may help you identify where the colors are off on your monitor, but it seems that myself and Bret are able to see the same colors at the top and bottom.