Submit button not working on first click in quiz

I just created a Rise course with a single element - a 40 question quiz. When previewing and after publishing, the SUBMIT button doesn't work right away after selecting your answer for each question. It changes color after selecting/typing an answer, so it appears activated, but if you click on it immediately after choosing your answer, nothing happens.

If you click on it a second time it works - or, it seems if you scroll within the browser before attempting to click SUBMIT it also works on the first click. It kind of seems like you have to interact with the page in some way (BESIDES selecting/entering answers) before clicking the SUBMIT button really registers. 

Not the end of the world, but kind of awkward to require learners to sometimes double click on the SUBMIT button in order to continue to the next question, right? 

Is this a bug? Anyone else experiencing this or have a solution?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gracia,

I haven't seen that behavior or run into it myself, but I'd like to gather a bit more info from you!

  • What browser(s) are you testing this in?
  • Are you seeing this strictly while using the Share link or have you uploaded to your LMS?
  • Can you take a Peek of the problem? You can include the Share link here in your reply! 

Let me know and I'll take a look! 

Crystal Horn

Gracia, can you also tell me if you have to click twice when these conditions are true:

  • The correct answer is selected, AND
  • In quiz settings, Reveal Answers is turned off, AND
  • You have to scroll to see the bottom of the page.

We have a known issue with the above conditions.  If your experience matches, I'll make sure to tag this discussion for an update when we get one!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Alexandria,

Sorry to hear that you've run into a similar issue.

I assume you fit the same description that Crystal shared here?

We do not have an update at this time, but this thread is attached to the report so that we can update you when we can.

Listed Workaround:

Scroll to the bottom of the page before you hit submit as shown here.

Alexandria Slough

My experience doesn't match what Crystal shared. See my comments below:
- The correct answer is selected - It happens when the incorrect answers are selected (it's a "pick many" question). It works properly when the correct answer is selected.
- In quiz settings, Reveal Answers is turned off, AND - yes I believe this is the case
- You have to scroll to see the bottom of the page. - No scrolling is required

Crystal Horn

Hey there, everyone!  I’m happy to let you know that we released an update to Rise today.  We fixed the issue where learners had to click submit twice if "reveal answers" is disabled and the question text requires scrolling.

Alexandria, I checked and it appears to have fixed the issue with multiple response questions as well.  Can you retry yours again?

The new version of Rise is live now, so just simply export your course again and upload the new version to your learning management system or web server.  Enjoy!

Claire Covington

Hello, I'm experiencing this issue in Storyline 360. When the correct answer is selected the submit button only needs to be clicked once. When an incorrect answer is selected the submit button has to be clicked twice. 

I created a new button and the same issue occurred. This is also occurring in different files. I'm attaching a file with only the slide that is having the issue. I tested in Preview and SCORM Cloud. 

I'm lost as to what to do next.  Thanks for your help!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Claire, 

No need to feel lost, it's an easy fix! 

It appears that your multiple choice question slides are set to have two attempts with no 'Try again' feedback. This explains why learners are having to click the submit button twice before the incorrect feedback is displayed, as it allows another chance to answer the question with no extra feedback. 

I'd suggest that you either limit the attempts to only one or set a 'Try Again' feedback to avoid confusion with your learners. Here's how to make either of those changes. 

Let us know if that helps!