SVG image disapears on Zoom in IE 11 - RISE

Hello team, I have created a number of process flows in Visio and saved in a PNG format. However when i test the content I noticed the image was very noisy. I then converted the process flow as a SVG and this looked fantastic. However, until we loaded this onto the client LMS (Successfactors) running IE11. The image disapears on zoom and reappears when canceling the zoom. Any suggestions - thank you

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Nita  Venter

Hi Matthew many thanks for the reply. When I posted the question I thought it would stay under the Rise category and there has been support for svg.

It has been working fabulously in Chrome outside of a LMS.  

Nita  Venter

Hi Tom. I have tested in ScormCloud with latest Google Chrome (Version 67.0.3396.62 (Official Build) (64-bit))  and no issues, however, when I run in ScormCloud on latest IE (v.11.431.16299.0) the SVG disappears on zoom as it does in the client LMS (SuccessFactors). (all other image formats JPEG and PNG zoom in and out as designed). The main issue is that the client environment and browser is IE. 

Thank you for any ideas you may have.



I have just looked at this thread, and I see the issue may be related although the behaviour I see the svg disapears

Katie Riggio

Hi, Nita! The teamwork in this thread embodies the kind spirit of this community – 💛 it!

As you discovered, this is a reported bug where some SVG images do not zoom as expected. Really sorry if it has caused you headaches! Our team is trying to nail down the cause of this issue, and we'll keep you posted in your case as well as this thread on the progress.