Tab order for accessibility in RISE

Hello all, 

I have created a RISE course and when I am testing it against our screen reader for accessibility I;ve noticed that as I tab through certain objects are being missed. I have a page made up of Image and Text blocks. Each time I tab I jump to the next image but never the text. Is this correct? 

If I select the text the screen reader will read it but just tabbing through it will always skip the text on this page. 

This appears to be the case on all the text blocks throughout the course. 

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Marvie Mulder

Hi Steve! Happy new year! Just want to take this opportunity to differentiate keyboard navigation (tab) vs. Screen Readers. 

Keyboard navigation's (via tab key) goal is to help users navigate to the interactive elements in your course with the use of a keyboard. Interactive elements are basically the objects you can click to perform specific tasks such as buttons, hyperlinks, zoomable images. You won't be able to tab to text elements because they are not clickable/interactive. This is expected. 

Screen readers on the other hand, doesn't exactly use tab key to go from one element to another. Screen readers have their own control to navigate through page elements, both interactive or static elements. This, of course, doesn't stop you from using the tab key while your screen reader is running. Your tab focus will continue to jump to the interactive elements on your page, and your screen reader will continue to read the active selection. But if you would like to read all the visible elements in your page, you must utilize the screen reader's navigation controls. This also depend on the screen reader you are using. is a great resource to get you started with Screen Reader usage. Here are the links for Mac's Voice Over and JAWS.

I must mention though, screen reader support for Rise is a work in progress, so you may find areas that aren't ready for primetime.

Cheers and goodluck!