Tabs interaction

I'm creating an interaction with the tabs block in Rise and am disappointed to see that if you have more than 4 tabs, the 5th and beyond are not visible unless you scroll your mouse over the upper right side of the block.  Then, an arrow appears.  Without the arrow, it's not obvious to the learner that there's additional tabs.  Is there a way to set it up so that on default, the arrow is visible and the learner doesn't need to scroll over that spot to see it?


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Tom Kuhlmann

Currently, that isn't an option. But it is a good feature request if you want to submit one.

While you don't see the arrow initially, the first time one clicks a tab, it should be apparent there is additional content, so hopefully it isn't an issue with your learners.

As a fail safe, you could add a continue button that is locked requiring all tabs to be clicked. At the least, the person would be compelled to investigate the tab to see what wasn't clicked.