Tabs interaction within Rise


I'm creating a Tabs interaction in Rise and I noticed the height of each tab varies depending on the size of the content and whether there is a picture or not.

Is there a way to decide a fixed height so when you change tabs the height remains the same, regardless of the content?

I also noticed that all the tabs don't appear on the screen; I have 5 tabs and the one on the right is not visible, I have to scroll right to make it appear. Is that normal?

Thanks for your help!


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Karl Muller

The Tabs block UI is really bad when there are more than 4 tabs, as there is no visual indication that there are more tabs. The arrow only comes up if you hover over it, and students would not know to do that.

For this reason, in our organization we have a rule that there can be no more than 4 tabs.

As Phil suggested, use an accordion block for more than 4 tabs,