Teachable and Articulate

Hello All,

I am starting to use Articulate but my company uses Teachable to manage our training and tracking. I am not super familiar with how to do this but do I need to create and embed a link into Teachable? Can I do that with Rise? Can I do that at all?

I am not sure the questions to ask but I look forward to learning it.

Thank you everyone.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Orville,

I'm not familiar with Teachable, but your options for sharing the Rise course are detailed here.  I'd ask your Teachable team if they support SCORM/Tin CAN API and how to upload that content or how to upload/embed the Web only output. 

Keep us posted - it may help someone else who uses Teachable! 

Joe Mefford

Teachable does not import SCORM or TinCan or any other LMS type content. I'm working off memory from a few months ago but I believe that is still the case. Thinkific is very similar to Teachable and it will import SCORM or TinCan.

I believe in both cases - Teachable and Thinkific - you can drop in a Rise URL embedded as an iFrame. In Thinkific, this is very very easy. However you will not get the trackability or progress reports.


Patrick Finnegan

According to Thinkific's website:

"If you are looking at using Captivate and Storyline files within Thinkific you want to follow these instructions on properly exporting the files so that they can be hosted on Thinkific."


"One thing to note is for Thinkific to host these files you will have to be on our Business Plan or Above. Also Thinkific does not support SCORM or TIN CAN files/reporting."

Aimee Charlton

Just checking in to determine if we ever got an update from Teachable support as to whether you can integrate Articulate storyline or rise coursework into their LMS?    Looking to be able to track course data, so I believe just inserting the Rise link into Teachable won't provide us all the date and tractability we'd like for our courses.

Anyone have updates on this front?

Peggy Hailstone

Hey Melissa,

My understanding and research (see below) is that Teachable still does not support SCORM/Tin Can. 

"Teachable does not provide any capabilities for importing and configuring courses developed with third-party tools like Articulate and Captivate ... if getting the full benefit of using tools like Articulate and Captivate is important to you, Teachable is probably not your platform. (Ref: https://www.learningrevolution.net/best-teachable-review/ - Dec 2020)

The above is not a primary source but it's a pretty current review from what looks like a reliable source.

It seems too that Patrick Finnegan's comments above are still relevant, with Thinkific offering only limited support and only on their business plan (which is pretty expensive).

The best option I've found, where best means capability and pricing, is TalentLMS. This is what my workplace (a small Aussie charity) is using to distribute and sell autism courses authored in Rise.  

Hope this helps.