Teams vs. Individual

Oct 09, 2020

Sorry to write this here but the contact form on the Articulate site isn't doing anything. I have written this message 5 times before. I am currently experiencing some collaboration problems.

I use an individual subscription and I built a course for my client. I was able to send a copy to the graphic designer who is using Teams. As the changes are mounting, she tried to add me as a collaborator on a course I shared with her and was unsuccessful can you help us to resolve this issue?

Is there something we need to know?

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Karl Muller

Hi Candice,

The biggest difference between a Teams Account and an individual subscription, is the individual subscriptions do not have the ability to collaborate.

So the only option for you is to send a copy of a course, but you cannot work on the same course.

Here is a list of the differences between the two types of accounts: 

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