Technical Issue - window.THREE = { };

Hi I have built a Rise 360 course and used some activities from Storyline. I have published to Review 360 with no issues and now it is coming up with this error message instead of the Storyline activities. window.THREE = { };  

I have not changed the activities recently and the course worked perfectly in Review 360 last week.

Has anyone else had this issue?


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Margaret Woodman

Hi Chino

No it is fine in Rise 360 and when I preview it in that. It was when I published it to Review 360 for people to review and provide feedback. The issue was it was fine after being published last and today the error message came up. I have managed to fix it by uploading the Storyline activities again and republishing but it did take a few times of deleting and updating as well as several times re-publishing to get all the storyline activities to work. Sometimes one or two worked and one wouldn't. There was no real reason I could work out for the issue.

We use Chrome as the browser and advise everyone else t use that. I also cleared the cache & cookies. That made no difference.

Chino Navarro

Hi Margaret,

Thank you for the clarification. I am sorry you had to reupload the Storyline activities. If you experience this again, please open a case here. We would love to take a closer look.

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