Hi all,

We are developing a 10 minute Rise resource. Does anyone have any recommendations for templates to facilitate development? We are looking for something similar to Patti Shank's one below?

Also, would anyone have a suggestion on what a typical word count would be for a resource of this length? I know it depends on the interactions, etc. but even a rough guide would be very useful.


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Tom Kuhlmann

Here's what I usually recommend in workshops:

  • Review all of the blocks and what you can do with them: add media, what size (usually 1x1 or 16x9), padding, etc
  • Determine when you would use one type of block over another; generally have a use case for the blocks
  • Universal settings: color, font, heading graphic, labels
  • Block/lesson settings: From there, create a doc for the different types of blocks and how they need content. I'd keep it simple since you want copy/paste from the doc and don't want to deal with formatting issues.
  • I'd keep it fluid since the blocks and capabilities in Rise change quite a bit. 
  • You could create a form for different block types in Google forms which would build a spreadsheet of the content for you

The doc would probably look something like this.