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Apr 29, 2017


We are in the trial phase of Rise and we like what we see so far. We have one objection we need solved before moving forward with the platorm.

Is it possible to allow a mouse hover feature on hyperlinked words when using the text block, so that we can display details on a word without being taken out of RISE? 

Or is it possible to embed a word document in the course. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Brad, glad to hear you're checking out Rise! I hope you love it as much as we do

Check out this quick Peek on the Rise Attachments Block. It makes it super easy to add attachments (PDF, Word, Excel, or any filetype) to your Rise courses.

You can also use a URL/EMBED lesson or block to embed a Word Document that you have hosted elsewhere.  It looks really great in Rise! In that example, I hosted the Word Document on Google Drive and pasted the embed code in the URL/EMBED lesson.

A hyperlink hover feature sounds like a neat idea. Can you tell us more about how you'd like that to work and when you'd use that functionality?

Stuart Marshall

Hover only works when viewed on a desktop browser (as you can't hover on a mobile device). The whole point of Rise is that it works on all device types.

Some kind of 'lightbox' pop up (or similar) when a hyperlink is clicked would be useful though (though again the use of these is frowned upon especially on mobiles). They are handy in modules for things like word/phrase definitions, additional info etc.