Text distortion

I built a course in RISE and loaded it into my LMS.  It is distorting the spacing on the text even though it looked fine in RISE. When I went back into RISE I looked at it in the different views (desktop, tablet, etc) and sometimes it distorts it and sometimes I doesn't. It shows it should be fine on a desktop, I'm on a laptop and it is being distorted.

This is created in a text and image block. I have other blocks of this type in the course and I am not having that problem with them.

Any advice on how to correct this?




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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rosemary!

It looks like you have extra spaces between some of the words in that block of text. Did you add extra spaces to manually adjust the spacing?

If so, you'll notice that the spacing will change as the margins change on different screen sizes and devices.

Remove the extra spaces between those words, and let me know if that makes a difference!