Text entry blank in Rise

I'm developing some material and the project owner has asked about the feasibility of allowing end users to input text which could be reported back to our LMS. We'd then view the entered text and use the information to direct future training efforts. I had to tell the owner this isn't possible now but that I'd ask if something like this was forthcoming. Are there any plans for adding text entry as a block/interaction/quiz option?

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Sarah Newman


I realize it's been quite some time since you responded to this question, but I'm wondering if it's possible to have a text entry field in Rise that doesn't have a correct response (I'm not worried about recording the responses in our LMS) and that doesn't require my learner to hit a play button in order to function on a phone. If I use a Storyline block, the learner has to click a play button, input their text, and then X out of the Storyline block. Then they aren't able to see their input unless they re-open the Storyline block with the play button. Do you know of a work around for this?

Ananth Sankaran

+1 for this. I am building a course using Rise where students watch a video and share their thoughts. So, YES - I need an ability in Rise 360 to record the "Survey type" question they answer within Rise 360.

Needless to say, my entire course is based on this model and hence, recording of information is non-negotiable. Appreciate if we could get any update on where this feature is at in your backlog.

I clearly see a need for this (as voiced by others here) and yet it's been over 1+ years and don't know what's happening :-)

Ananth Sankaran

+1 for the above. I am stuck due to this. Need an ability for user to submit their response (there's no right/wrong answer). This should be stored in LMS for backend assessment. Plus, user should be able to view their response when they access the course next time.

Any leads on achieving this is highly appreciated.

Sam Hill

Hi Crystal, are we able to get an update on this. Is this something that has been added to the development roadmap? It's something a lot of people have been asking for over the last couple of year. It would be great to actually hear from the product manager and let people know if this feature is going to be included in a release anytime soon.

When we send in feature requests it does feel a bit like sending an email into the void.

We have worked around this issue using a Storyline block, but this comes with it's own pitfals such as the large play button to activate when viewed on mobile and it not being a truly responsive experiece.

I think Articulate need to be a bit more transparent with the development of new features. We have had situations where significant money has been invested in building workarounds only to see the feature being released (seemingly out of the blue) in the next month or two. That leaves a bitter taste. With more transparency we can make better decisions for our clients.


Sam Hill

Hi all, is there any chance we can get a rough timing on features that are on the road map, prioritized and not prioritized. I understand this feature (survey style input box) is on the roadmap, but not prioritized.

But, what does this mean to us in terms of seeing it rolled out? Is this late 2020, early/mid/late 2021 or beyond 2021.

The roadmap doesn't really mean anything to us without knowing when features will arrive. I understand that dates shift and release of new features can be delayed, but it would be great to have some sense of which features are scheduled for release when.

The reason I ask this is, across Storyline and Rise forums, I've seen threads where features are being asked for for several years and the same responses has to be rolled out by support each time (no fault of support, I know), but its frustrating seeing threads spanning years and not being any clearer on a release schedule.

This is just more of a general comment around the roadmap and and feature releases rather than this specific feature.


Thanks for your reply. Is there a way to create an open text entry at all (even with out ability to record response?)

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Sam — I can understand you feeling like you're in the dark about what features we're working on and when certain features might be released. While we don't have a public roadmap, we're committed to giving you the best information we can at the time, and we provide targeted release dates when possible.

Hi, Melissa — I would suggest embedding a survey from a third-party tool, like Google Forms or Survey Monkey. Simply paste the URL to the form into a multimedia embed block.