Text Fade out on Labeled Graphic

Hi we've set up labeled grafic and everything works fine on the first try. But when a info bubble is opened for the second time the text is faded out to the bottom and can't be read by the user. 

This only happens when the course is exported to web format - in rise course preview mode this bug is not showing up.

Inspected the situation with Google Chrome inspector and it looks like there is a class added on the second opening. -> "bubble__body--has-overlfow"
(see printscreens attached).

Does anybody know this bug and has a fix for it?

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TimeTool  Academy

Hi Crystal, thanks for the answer and the fast support. I've reexported the course and it looks like the bug is gone - first tests were positive. Thanks.

Another question: I didn't get any message about your answers, and so I missed them, I saw them just know when I remembered the open task and checked it here - long talk short question ;-) is there a way to activate a notification about open topics?


Cass Netzley

Great to know and thanks for raising this issue, Reto. This topic has been discussed before in a prior thread (1 year+ ago), but never down to offending code level. 

Our team had made the habit of inserting an additional carriage return at the end of labeled graphic content... and this workaround subverted the fade off when a user returned to that particular element. 


Alyssa Gomez

Hey Reto,

Thanks for coming back around to let us know you're all sorted out!

Now, on to your question about notifications. When you subscribe to threads, you'll automatically receive an email notification when anyone posts a reply.

You can also set up the "auto-subscribe" feature in your ELH profile to automatically subscribe to all threads in which you've posted or replied.