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Congratulations on the new product. I am really enjoying the speed with which I can create resources with Rise. I was wondering if it were possible to:

  • alter the text colour of hyperlinks. It currently defaults to theme colour.
  • centre text, particularly on captions. It looks strange having captions left justified when below images in a column grid of 2 or more
  • include underline along with bold and italic
  • adjust line spacing in 'text' as bullets points space a bit too far (list option not ideal for what I was doing).
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Learning & Development Employee Learning

using this thread as it's close to what I'm inquiring about :) I too LOVE Rise...And look forward to the improvements that will make it great! The issue I'm having tight now is I'm unable to bold text, even though when I highlight the word to be bolded, the text format bubble comes up with what seems to be a bold option. Any work around? or fix?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Liz,

That bolding should work if you see the little pop up. Can you check what browser you're using? You'll want to make sure you're using one of the browsers here for authoring Rise content.  

If you're still having difficulty and are using one of those browsers, are you seeing this for any and all text you try to bold, or within a particular interaction, text set up? Any other information you could share about what you're seeing will help us look at replicating it and tracking down the issue!

Learning & Development Employee Learning

Thanks Ashley! Shortly after my message, I realized I should try Chrome or Firefox and it is working now...I'll be doing testing once done, but do you happen to know if any formatting is lost (such as the bolding) if user is viewing course in Explorer 11?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey Liz,

Folks can view a Rise course in IE11, but you just can't author in IE11. So all the formatting, interaction, etc. should work for users while they view it. The link here has all the supported browsers listed for authoring and viewing. 

Also, just an FYI that responding via email includes your signature here, so you're welcome to edit the post to remove that information if you'd like! 

Lynn Guida

Also a BIG FAN of Rise but as we are creating courses in this tool, it would be awesome to:

  • Be able to bullet/number items in a paragraph and other areas where text is allowed (like next to a graphic).
  • Have the ability to make some text stand out in ways other than a single BOLD option.  I like the idea of Color/Colour!
  • Underlining, for my audience, is fairly obvious which is an underline and which is a hyperlink
  • If it's not obvious, it would be great to add a simple graphic or icon to indicate what to do which would be consistent throughout the course.

Seems like this forum has a lot of that capability already :-)

Great product and I'm looking forward to the updates!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for reaching out here! The ability to add a hyperlink as a part of the text within Rise is limited to a few areas but I can definitely pass along the idea to our team! Feature requests from customers like you contribute to our product roadmap and you can always share them here in ELH or send them along to us here. 

In the meantime, you may want to look at using the button stack. That button has an option to link to a webpage or another part of your Rise course. 

Hope that helps! 

Rachel Shperber

I just went in to publish 13 courses in Rise and all of my hyperlinks that used to match the color theme are purple. I'm assuming it has something to do with the new release. Is there a way to fix this and get them back to the original color? 

If this isn't the right place for this questions please let me know.