The Problem with Rise

I am surprised there are not more discussions around this subject.

Firstly let me say I love Rise, in particular I love...

- The modern look and variety of features

- The potential to offer rise to my clients as an internal authoring tool

- The ease of use, Articulate have done a great job on this compared to others

- Rise offers an alternative to Adapt Builder (what a lot of my clients current use) and Edx

- The community is amazing


The main problem I am having with Rise is the inability to control the user navigation.  

Yes, engaging modules help, yes a quiz at the end is a good idea,  and yes there are a few work arounds people have been kind enough to share with me.  

I don't expect the world and I understand its not storyline.  Here are my two biggest problems...

1) There is no way to hide the video control, so users can just skip to the end of the video if they want to.  Deal breaker in my world.  A lot of my clients will not accept this.  

One suggested solution is to drop the video into storyline and hide the controls then load the video as a storyline interaction which leads me to problem number 2.

2) Interactions that are generated from Storyline (essential  and brilliant feature) don't work with the continue block.  So again, users can just skip the interaction if they want, including the work around idea for the video.  I know there is another work around for this but its tricky to get our clients to do this.


I have scrolled various discussions and articulate staff have suggested its in development, but that was up to 9 months ago.  The continue block was introduced, thumbs up for that!

Can I please say that Rise is an awesome product and fixing these two issues will really improve the offering.  

Im on a trial right now and we love 360 but 80% of our work will be in Rise and its redundant for us without those two restrictions in place.  I want to buy your product, I really do!!  How far away are we?


Is it just me?






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Lisa Patterson

I am having some issues as well, I have imported a story line - I would like to have multiple story lines under one lesson - but, I can start a story line, then scroll down and start another so multiple voices are talking. I tried the continue bar but it does not seem to work, and even if it did it would restrict people from scrolling down and seeing the storyline they wanted to see without going through all the storylines.  I have fixed it my having each storyline a separate lesson, but it is not the way I want to do it.

Any suggestions?