Things I miss in Things I miss in Rise

Oct 17, 2018


There are three things that I miss in Rise and I would like to know if any development is thought of related with this.

  • The first is the possibility of creating a popup (click on a word that opens a popup).
  • The second is the possibility of being able to align an image with a text in the tabs and accordions.
  • Last but not least, the possibility of choose the size of any image.

Looking foward your answer.

Thank you in advance.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Soledad, 

Two of those are things I know we've shared with our Product team as possible features: the ability to arrange/align items like text and images inside a lesson and an option to control the sizing of images in Rise. I'll keep you posted on both of those here if they make a Rise update! 

For the other request about a pop-up, would you mostly use it to define terms or are there any different setups you can imagine? I'd like to share the idea with my team, and wanted to be sure I captured all your thoughts and scenarios! 

Soledad Parral

Hi Ashley and thanks for answering,

Popups are very useful for entering information at a second level of depth. Of course, they are useful for definitions of words, but also to give some extra explanations (or more detailed, or examples, indeed) about technical aspects that were explained in the principal text.
Structuring the contents in different levels of depth is a pedagogical resource that I believe is essential in an author tool. Not everything has to be in the foreground!

David Tait

I only ask as I've seen some tools where you add your content but then have to adjust the layout for PC/tablet/mobile devices, effectively tripling the design work. I like that Rise removes the need for this as it reduces development time and cost. 

I've worked with Adapt and Captivate but I've found there is significantly more work involved to develop courses than in Rise. I'd love to check the software you mention out, would you mind letting me know the name please?


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