TinCan supend data

Hi Everybody,

I have a very technical question. We are implementing an LRS and most things are working fine. But we do have a problem when reloading an exported course: the suspend data won't be applied correctly.

Here is what we're doing:

- Export a course with the Export Type "LMS", LMS "xAPI (TinCan)"
- Integrating it in our LMS (which is a Webapp)
- Starting to work on the course

Everything works fine. Statements and states are being stored correctly. But when the course is being exited and reloaded later only the "bookmark" state is correctly applied to the course. The GET request for "suspend_data" is executed correctly and returns the JSON data that has been stored in the PUT request before. But it isn't applied to the course and no error is thrown.

Are we doing anything wrong?

Best Regards

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