Track progress without SCORM

Hi,  I'm a web developer and one of my clients is using Articulate 360 to develop courses.  We're trying to integrate the courses into an existing website.

We don't want to use SCORM since it's an insane amount of work to incorporate and it's an outdated standard.

We have an existing web application using Ruby on Rails and have a database, users, etc.   We can run the courses as HTML files inside our app in an Iframe but can't get any data out of them.

They are able to export HTML/CSS/JS packages but the main part of the HTML is encrypted so we can't really work with it.  I'm trying to use Jquery to track progress but no luck so far.

Has anyone had success with this?  Any tips on how we can make this work?

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Nick Gust

Basically what I need are triggers that I can pick up from my website that is hosting the courses.

How can I use triggers to send out AJAX calls or Jquery that can be picked up by my web app?

Why are the index.html files encrypted?  Can I export non-encrypted HTML so that I can manipulate it after its published?

If we can't get this working we're going to have to use different software to create courses other than Articulate.