Track via full course completion

Can anyone explain the functionality behind this? I created a small course that only has one button (that should be optional for the learner to select). However, whether or not I push the button, the course is not marking as complete in our Saba LMS. It shows in the sidebar that the course is 100%, but the LMS isn't recording it. Thanks!

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Justin Grenier

That's great news on the subscription, Rebecca!  I'm still a little confused about why Saba seems to be recording completion intermittently, but please let us know if it continues and we'll be happy to help.

Thanks for adding your voice to the thread as well, Chris.  I'm working with our internal team to see if there is anything we can do to help Saba out on this.  We'll keep you posted via your Support Case with Emily.

Chris M

Thanks Justin. I appreciate your efforts. Like Rebecca, I tried publishing again today with the stock scormdriver code rather than altering it. It worked! We haven't had any Saba updates so why it would all of a sudden work when it didn't is head scratching. Did you all make any updates from the articulate side? Regardless, it's working now and let's cross our fingers that it will keep working!!

Justin Grenier

That's really interesting, Chris.  I just double-checked and our SCORM Driver is unchanged.  We're still looking into why the SCORM 1.2 driver seems to log only SCORM 2004 communications with LMS Debug Mode turned on, and we'll update you with anything we find there.

Let us know if you need anything else!

Molly Brown

We noticed a bug in the new scormdriver.js file that Articulate provided for Saba. While it allows content to successfully complete on our desktops, it does not work for content taken from the Saba Cloud mobile app. It's really strange. I don't know why it would work in one place and not the other, but that is what's happening. We had to go back to using a custom scormdriver.js file that Saba provided to us years ago for Captivate content. That is the only one that allows the content to mark complete in both the desktop browser and Saba Cloud mobile app. I attached the one that is working for us in case you want to inspect it to determine how and why it is working and in case it helps other Saba customers. Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nishma, 

The Storyline block is set up as complete once the user has accessed it in Rise, and it won't be a piece that you can track as a part of the Rise Completion/Tracking methods. You can track by a quiz result in Rise or by the user completing each lesson (completion is marked as visiting the lesson).

We're working on some additional integrations for the Storyline block in Rise, so we'll keep you posted here!