Tracking completion of rise360 e-learning modules outside of an LMS?


I have a client that I have developed 4 e-learning modules for which will be hosted on my webpage for them to access. They have no LMS and want me to track activity (who has completed the modules, when and also the knowledge quiz scores).

Is there a way to set this up within the build of the e learning modules for a client without an LMS.

Any help/guidance would be appreciated.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Chris! Rise 360 sends completion and quiz score data to learning management systems, but there isn't a way to capture this data if the courses are hosted on a web server. 

Since you mentioned your client doesn't currently have a learning management system, they might be interested in! is the online training system employees will love. It's an all-in-one, enterprise-class training system that makes online training easy to create, enjoyable to take, and simple to manage. Here's how it works. 

What's more, they'll be able to use the content you create for them in Rise 360 to train their learners in! 

Chris Costandi

Thanks Karl and Alyssa for your responses.

I can look into whether the client would be prepared to invest in and that looks like a good solution to be able to track course completion and quizzes. If they did sign up to this, then there would be no need to host the learning modules I created for them on our website correct?


So I have 2 further questions:

1. Am I right in assuming that the courses I have already created for them (I have a personal subscription to Rise 360 as a consultant), could then be exported and hosted on for them to access and complete but also for me to be on there as well to track completions, quiz results etc...? I also see that by the client subscribing to, they too would be able to create new courses themselves if they wanted to in addition to what I do for them.

2. Separate to this, I did initially come across a blog that talked about a 'workaround' for situations where you want to be able to track course completions when you have no LMS. They talk about the use of Jot forms and/or google form that then gets embedded  into the module. They actually use a rise360 module as an example. I would welcome your thoughts on this approach Alyssa.


Alyssa Gomez

Excellent questions, Chris! 

If your client signed up for, you are correct that there would be no need to host the courses on your website. All of the courses would be hosted on

Any Rise 360 courses you created for them previously could be transferred to And yes, you could be added as an administrator to track course completions and quiz results. Your client would also be able to author courses in addition to what you design for them.

The workaround in that blog article is a great option if your client wants to stick with hosting courses on your website and if they only want to know who completed a course. However, if tracking quiz scores is important to them, then would be a better fit. 

If you have more questions, you can speak with the Rise team using the chat tool in the lower-right corner of or by emailing!

Chris Costandi

Thanks Alyssa. I have 1 final area of investigation...

The client has indicated that the Quiz results wont be important to track as i have set it up in a manner that the participant needs to get 80% or more to pass and complete the course.

So i am leaning now more towards hosting on our website for them to access the modules and then using either a google form or jot form which i embed into the e module for them to complete at the end of the course. i have already tested this and it worked ok...

However I did come across this link on that previous blog I shared with you which caught my interest. Whilst as I said was able to to create a new google form to embed into my module, it did not seem as streamlined as the above link which seems is google form tracking and only allows access after passing the quiz... This is exactly what I would like to include in my e modules as I also have a quiz and i would want them to only access the "certificate of completion" only when they have passed the quiz...

SO, how do i access this particular google form and embed into my modules (vs creating a google form from scratch??

Thanks Alyssa