Tracking completion outside of LMS


We have developed a new company introduction in Rise that we are sending out to new hires before joining. As that is the case, they will not have access to the learning centre so we are now wondering how to track it.

I've noticed that a Jot Form web object has been suggested before, but that might not be an ideal solution right now. (Or even doable in Rise)

Is there any other way that you can track completion without using an LMS?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Ian! 

A learning management system would be the best way to track completion data from a Rise course, but since you're working with new hires, I can see how that's not a viable option.

What kind of information do you need to track, specifically? Would you consider embedding a web form at the end of the course? If you use Restricted Navigation, that would prevent learners from skipping ahead to complete the form before they view all of the content.

That's one idea--I'm interested to see what other ideas folks will share here!