Tracking Rise Course in Cornerstone with Storyline Block

Hi everybody!

I developed a course in Rise and, because the quiz within Rise isn’t really versatile, I embedded a Storyline assessment block. As I am testing the course in the LMS, I noticed that no matter what score I have, Cornerstone marks me as having completed the course. It will show the percentage, but I have to look for it. In the system, I have completed the course, even if I had a 60 and the pass/fail in SL is set to 80.
The SL results outside of the LMS report and direct correctly—less than 80 on first trial, retry, on second trial, retake the course. I have published the SL assessment in Review, using the Results Slide for tracking.  In Rise, I exported to LMS Scorm 2004 4th edition, tracking using the Storyline block. 
Has anybody encountered and/or solved this issue? Am I missing something? 
Your input is greatly appreciated. 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Margit!

When you published the Storyline 360 content to Review 360, what did you select as the Tracking option?

  • Tracking using number of slides viewed
  • Track using quiz result (this is the one you'll want to choose)
  • Track using complete course trigger

If you already selected "Track using quiz result" and you're still having issues, we'd want to take a closer look at your Storyline 360 file. If you don't mind sending it, you can send it privately right here. 

Margit Lanze

Hi Alyssa,

I selected "Track using quiz result" in Storyline and track using Storyline block in Rise. I eventually got so frustrated that I detached the assessment and made it its own item in the LMS. Since my settings appear to have been correct, I do think you might want to look at the issue. I am sending my SL file as attachment.

Thanks for your help.


Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Xianming. It sounds like your LMS is marking the course as "complete" even if the learner fails the Storyline Block quiz, is that right?

Can you please share a screenshot of the publishing settings you used when you exported the Rise 360 course for LMS? 

Specifically, I'm curious to see what you chose for the LMS and Reporting settings. Thank you!

Crystal Horn

Hi Margit. Since Xianming shared this issue again, we retested with SCORM 2004 (4th ed) output, and we're seeing the following: 

  • Storyline content published alone with SCORM 2004 4th ed as passed/incomplete shows as incomplete when the quiz is failed.
  • Rise course with Rise quiz published with the same settings shows as incomplete when the quiz is failed.
  • But a Rise course published with these settings that tracks a Storyline quiz is showing complete even though the fail status is also coming through.

My team is going to dig into why that's happening, and I'll share an update here as soon as I can. SCORM 1.2 continues to report as expected with completion not changing until the quiz is passed.