Tracking Rise Course in LMS


I am working with an LMS company and uploading Rise Courses as a SCORM file into the LMS. The tracking is very limited on the LMS. It let's me know the amount of time they have spent on the course and that they are in progress, but I can not see exactly where they have left off.

Is this a setting I could update on the backend of Articulate/Rise to make these courses easier to navigate tracking or progress of learners?


Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!

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Karl Muller

Which LMS are you using?

The SCORM standard defines what course data should be saved by a LMS. However, every LMS that I've used differs on which data is stored and how it is reported.

There are no settings in Rise that will change the tracking data in your LMS.; it depends entirely on your LMS. 

The LMS we currently use reports the following information per student per course:


  • Not started
  • In Progress
  • Completed

Reporting Status:

This is based on the Rise course export settings:

  • Passed/Incomplete or
  • Complete/incomplete

What it does not report:

  • Where they are in the course
  • What percentage of the course they have viewed, or
  • Score they have achieved