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Annie Louden

If Rise can keep track of a learner's progress in the sidebar, where it says 30% or whatever, as the learner scrolls down through the Rise course, can that percentage be given to the LMS?

For example, I have made 1 Rise course with many sections and lessons. It is imported into the LMS as one learning object. I click Start, and I scroll through 17% of the Rise course, and then I exit it. The Start button in the LMS changes to Resume. But, the LMS says I have completed 0% of the course. When I click Resume, it takes me back into the Rise course, picking up where I left off. The LMS doesn't report any completion until I have 100% scrolled through the Rise course.

I understand this to be "Track using course completion."

But if the Rise learning object can keep track between 1%-100%, why can't it till the LMS that?  

Basically, I am trying to avoid breaking out my one massive Rise course into smaller chunks, aka, learning objects.